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Grinberger Ltd – Company Profile
Grinberger Ltd, founded in the early 1980`s, is a leading family company in Israel, importing design products in general and for bathrooms in particular.
Our motto is "A Family You Choose", a family of suppliers, customers and employees who choose day by day the highest quality and service to be found.
The aim of our company is to provide all our customers with the highest quality design products available in the world, with an emphasis on serving our customers at the highest possible level, as a supreme value.
We at Grinberger believe in:
High level service and active listening to the needs of our clients, whether institutional, retail or private.
Importing from the original and highest quality manufacturers, and provide manufacturer and importer guarantee, with an emphasis on adapting the products to the strictest standards in the world.
Maintaining available inventory levels while paying attention to efficiency of shipments.
Striving for innovation in design, functionality and technologies for all our products.
Accessibility in all means of communication to our customers, and providing immediate and efficient solutions and response.
We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products which ensures personal solutions that meet the customer's needs while maintaining a high standard of service.

Grinberger imports the world's leading brands exclusively:
Bathroom accessories, cabinets and shower rooms designed by the Italian company INDA.
Taps and systems for smart and innovative showers made by Italian company GUGLIELMI.
Soaps and stainless steel facilities for the high quality institutional market manufactured by Italian company QTS.

Perfect bathroom systems in contemporary designs made by the Italian company MAKRO.
Complementary items and bathtub accessories in unique designs and finishes made by the Italian company IBB.

Mirrors combined with sound and quality TV screens made by the Italian company MONTELEONE.
Classic systems, faucets and sanitary appliances for bathrooms by UK company BATHROOM BRANDS.
Professional kitchen equipment, stainless steel equipment and electronic faucets made by German company FRANKE.
Accessories, furniture and complementary items for accessible spaces by the German company HEWI
Hand dryers, hair dryers, professional and efficient equipment manufactured by Franch company JVD.
Innovative towel heaters and radiators by Turkish company KROMSAN.

We offer you a variety of ways to be exposed to our products:
Here in our website www.grinberger.co.il where you will find all the information you need at the click of a button and  enjoy a variety of catalogs of all our products.
Our showroom and outlet are also available at 4th  Ha-Ta'asiya Street, Rosh HaAyin.
In over 80 stores throughout Israel.
Our Facebook page – Grinberger Ltd.
And of course we will be happy to assist you with any questions and coordinate a meeting at our offices telephone 03-9332793.
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